Light Codes NFT Gallery

Light Codes NFT Gallery

Light Codes for your Living and Sacred Spaces

In this gallery, you will find a collection of light codes channeled from Celestial Realms, Archangels and Angels, Starseeds (Sirians, Arcturians, Pleaidians, Andromedans etc) and Cosmic Beings, elemental beings (Dragons, Unicorns), Lemurians, Atlanteans, the Egyptian Pantheon (Isis, Osiris, RA), Ascended Masters and occasionally from High Level Spiritual Guides (Jesus, Mary, Shekinah), God (YHWH, Elohim, Asherah), Celestial and Divine Energies, The Holy Spirit, The Creator Energies (Mahatma), The 3M Trinity Energies (Mahatma, Melchizedek, and Metatron) and directly from Source

Digital copies of the Light Codes are available for purchase if you are called, and they resonate strongly with you.

All our digital copies are NFT and are listed on Mintable and Opensea for purchase.

We also accept PayPal Worldwide.

For pricing and further details, please drop me an e-mail at

Divine Waters

An Etheric Collection featuring a series of Celestial Light Codes from the Angelic Realms

Series : The Dance of the Cosmic Queen

Light and Sound Art Installation by EL.11.RA available as an NFT Visual Art and Collectible

Dance of the Cosmic Queen is an exclusive, one of a kind Light and Sound art installation for the Metaverse.

Channelled on 8th June 2021, Dance of the Cosmic Queen is a series of Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions in movement. A living art, captured in time.

Location : The Light and Cosmic Transmission were located above the planetary stratosphere around the Northern Hemisphere around the same time an Aurora Borealis was detected around the area where the presence of the Cosmic Queen was felt strongly.

Not Just Any Art, Light and Sound Installation :

Each EL.11.RA Light Code carries a unique energetic vibration and signature.

EL.11.RA Light Codes cannot be replicated, and are time stamped from the moment they were created.

Interpretation :

Light Codes are open to interpretation and what resonates with the eye/senses of the beholder.

In this Light and Sound installation, the message is encapsulated within the movements and form of the Cosmic Queen.

Interpretation : Open to beholder

Surprise Factor 

Keep an eye out for the surprise rose, which is a symbol of the Sacred Feminine in the form of a Sacred Rose

The EL.11.RA Light Codes are a Copyright of The EL.11.RA Transmissions and The EL.11.RA Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions

Additional factual notes :

The Light and Cosmic Transmissions of the Dance of the Cosmic Queen came through strongly as the channeller experienced involuntary eye flickering sensations, around the eyelids and eyelashes. These sensations are a part of the channelling experience and forms authenticity and validation of the Light and Cosmic Transmissions.

Transmissions were relayed from Crown (the top part of the head where the Crown Chakra is positioned / energetic center represented in Violet) to fractal wave art which was captured in digital format/ digitalized.

View the NFT at Mintable

Series : The Dance of the Cosmic Twins

The Dance of the Cosmic Twins ~ Channeled on 20 June 2021

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