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Identify the reasons why you haven’t been functioning at your optimal levels and notice the repeating patterns that are interrupting your schedule or goals. More often than not, you are not progressing either by circumstances not within your control, or by circumstances where there is some level of control but it is not societally acceptable…

The Seraphim

Today is an auspicious day for me personally, as the Seraphim first made her presence felt to me exactly 2 years ago on April 4th, 2020. Numerologically speaking, the dates culminate to the Angelic numbers 444 when she first appeared, in a splendour of pure metallic gold, flooding my entire etheric surroundings, and bathing me…

Heart Mind Coherence

Our neuro, chemical and bio pathways can be rewired if we love with our minds and think with our hearts. Love then becomes rooted in wisdom;And Consciousness/ Conscious Thought or Thinking takes form in the center of the Heart where more humane decisions can be derived, more empathy, kindness, and deliberation made from a space…

Toxic Masculinity and Impact on Soul Parts

Toxic Masculinity can be witnessed by and through how the Feminine are treated, and can look something like this: Discarded Lied to/ Omission Betrayed Withholding Withdrawing Constantly Hiding Truths Hedging and Pitting Women Against Women/ Men Against Men Disappearing/ Silent Treatment Hypocrisy/ Incoherence between Actions and Behaviour Gathering Flying Monkeys Refusal To Learn or Change Collect…


Divine Feminine Affirmations to anchor in Strength, Courage, Divinity and many other Positive Attributes in honour of the Divine Feminine in us.

The Sprig

High above the clouds, you doth appear, hovering above the Holy Eucharist

Discernment ~ How do you discern in a world rife with confusion? And ever perpetuating fears of an apocalyptic nature.

When in doubt, ask for ClarityAsk for OrderConfusion is no goodIn Clarity, everything has its own place and everything IS in its own placeOpposing views are opportunities for inter dialogueNot for discord, but for Expansion Doubts are openings for questioning, for re-examining, taking stock and re-alignmentIt is about Clearing the Path And an Agreement to…

The Holy Spirit Unites

This is how you defeat real evilSeparatism is evilReligion is fractionatedIt is the presence of the Holy Spirit that indicates the path to spirituality. For some, the spiritual path is through religion. For others, it is through non-religious ways of daily living, through simplicity, peace, kindness and love. Neither religions nor religious places have the…


Ley Line Clearing #2 : Babylonia

Babylonia : Clearing of Ley Line at ancient Babylonia was seen as a storm of sand, wiping out all ancient remnants, buildings, forms of temple worship, and flattening the ground to nothing but sand. To make way for the Empire of the Sun.


Christianity was not founded when Jesus was alive. In fact, back in those days, Jesus, his Apostles and followers were all thought to be rebels, revolutionists and his healing abilities were thought to be witchcraft. The immaculate conception was considered heresy, putting the life of Mary in extreme danger. Think of how easy it is…

The Rock and The Pillar

The rock holds the pillar on which the new church is not from building of sand and stone but rather of its people, and all are welcomed in this new house of God


Channelled image on 5th January 2021 revealed crossed keys, both in Gold. No knowledge what it meant at point of channelling. 11th September 2021 ~  “Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.”

The Cosmic Temple

No space, no timeCosmic Temples beyond the 12th DimensionChecking in and out is as easy as sleepFresh Lavender pots at bedsideAngel and swan feather filled white fluffy futons, soft as cloudsLavender immersions and mists permeates the airWith a clear deep spring of water beneath the underground caves, illuminated with blue ethereal light, for rejuvenation Thank…


Satori by Lord Maitreya channelled by EL.11.RA

For Unto Us A Child Is Born

Code 769 was given on 7.7.2021 Isaiah 9:6-7 was given on 10.08.2021 Channelled on 7.7.2021 and 10.08.2021 respectively by EL.11.RA


2 Giant Solar Angels / Celestial Beings were seen creating a New Sun. A new Solar System or a New Planet Core. Channelled by EL.11.RA on 8.8.2021 at 11am, Lion’s Gate ~ Lion’s Gate Portal

From The Dragonborn

These multi-dimensional Light Codes were channelled today, 6th August and brought through by Goddess Tara and the Dragons. These ancient Light Codes are associated with the clearing of Ley Lines across a specific ancient site on Earth. At present, I am assisted by three (3) Ascended Masters in the clearing of these Ley Lines, and…

New Light Language Video Premiere on You Tube

Catch my latest Light Language video, now premiering on You Tube. Sun Salutation in Light Language by EL.11.RA Light Language for the Morning This 7 minutes Light Language audio is channelled by EL.11.RA on 11 July 2021 Sun Salutations ~ a Salute to the Sun A great way to greet the morning, bathing in the…

Time Is Relative

This is the past life of our future selvesMake it an amazing one ✨ Ironic isn’t it ~In a timeless dimension, where time is all we have, to witness here in 3D, everyone rushing for timeTime based decisions ~Most of our decisions are motivated by time, more precisely, the urgency of timeWould you choose differently,…

Channeled Messages of The Day

This may resonate for some of you. Sit with these words for a while, breathe and contemplate : Life can be simple – you can choose to just be. Clarity comes to you in stillness, When you heal, the world heals, There is no scarcity, You have enough to get by, There is no rush,…

The Miracles of Kindness

If you can be anything, be kind ~ Kindness as an energy can uplift a person. And because of that kindness, he/she will muster up the strength, weather through impossible storms, and carry on with his/her work. You can never know, how significant this can be. Because this same person, given the support and kindness…

Summer Solstice Update

I can feel the portal opening around 7pm MYT today. The energies streaming through a single column/ pillar of pure white light. Shooting straight down from the portal in the cosmos right through the Crown. All the chakras/ energy centres can feel it too. It will be amazing tomorrow, and day after. Looking forward in…

I’ve always thought that I resided in a man’s world, until I realize that I was also a man, residing in a woman’s body, in a world of women, residing in men’s bodies.

Confused much? I’d like you to contemplate this:Writing from the perspective of a woman, it is acceptable for a woman to watch another woman dance.In some parts of the world, this can still come across as a semi-taboo with all kinds of connotations attached, mostly sexual. But what I am trying to invite you to…

Angelic Numbers

Woke up and decided to do this today ~ there isn’t always a reason, and I don’t always know why, but I know I am meant to share the message ~ Blessed Be 💖✨🕊️ I do not want to attach a meaning to this, as the receiver interprets based on their own higher guidance. If…

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