Unexplained Phenomena and The Super Conscious Mind

Strange encounters are just a gateway for deeper understanding and making sense of things
What Is Your Narrative ?
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How Advanced Hypnosis Can Help You Access Altered States of Consciousness and Make Sense of Things

Have you ever encountered these phenomena in your life?

  • Sequential or repetitive numbers appearing frequently in your life
  • A connection to something you cannot quite explain in words
  • You feel out of place in this world
  • You had an experience that did not feel that it was from this world
  • You had an experience that felt like it was from a different timeline (past or future)
  • You had an out-of-body-experience (OBE)
  • Flashes of images in your thoughts that does not make sense to you or have any relationship with your current situation
  • Sudden spouts of insomnia and inability to sleep, with high vibrational energies felt in your body and cells
  • A highly burnt out body where you spend hours sleeping but yet unable to recover from fatigue
  • You have seen doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, spent hours and money on self-help books and going to places of worship, all of which did not help to ease your ailment or condition
  • Unexplained phenomena which involves other people (coincidences, happenstances, resonance) where you feel an extreme pull or extreme repel against the person/ people

If you or a family member or friend is or has experienced one or any of the above experiences, you may want to consider arranging for a private one-to-one session to explore further.

We recommend going through Advanced Hypnosis in order for you to ascertain what are the underlying issues or causes, much like a troubleshooting session for the human body template.

Each of us has our own Narrative* or Story of our Life. Advanced Hypnosis can help you tap into your own Super Conscious Mind (SCM) and access what is your current Narrative and how to overcome any barriers or obstacles in moving to the next level, instead of being constantly stuck in a loop.

Schedule a private session with us via e-mail at el.11.ra.transmissions@gmail.com or book a session through our online form here.

*A Narrative is like a program script which is set to run in your subconscious. Our mind, like our body, is set to run a program script. The problem with this is, if we adopt a negative Narrative, and lack coping mechanism or skills that shift us from a negative to positive or balanced state, we will remain in a constant negative Narrative (in a loop) which prevents us from moving forwards. And not moving forwards means our consciousness remains stagnant.

However, not all negative Narratives are bad. Some are present in order for us to learn crucial lessons or upgrade our consciousness. Sometimes, it is through processing the negative Narratives that we are then able to bounce back to a positive and balanced state. In time, through practice, we will be able to bounce back on our own, naturally.

The point of advanced hypnosis is to help you identify what is your current Narrative. Once you are able to understand this, and connect the Super Conscious to lead the way, the outcomes will almost always work out to be the optimum for the individual, even though at times, it is an unexpected outcome.

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