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The EL.11.RA Healing Temple

We are a community and panel of light-workers, founded by EL.11.RA and dedicated to our work as spiritual healers, teachers and mentors.

There is essentially 1 path to healing




Many of our struggles in life are centered around these 3 precipices.

They are interlinked, connected, yet separate and each its own.

I do not want to talk about inner mastery, as the term itself has pre-connotations based in ego and has a pre-conception of perfection, which in reality, we are not.

We all have flaws. Even the most enlightened ones.

I like to talk about harmony and balance, as the pathway to unification and peace.

I like to talk about struggles, the quest, the highs and lows that nobody talks about.

I like to talk about embracing our ‘imperfections’.

We do not have to talk at all. And sometimes, just being in each others’ presence, is healing in itself.

First, the Self

Peace is the ultimate state. The zero point.

Nothingness – and yet absolutely all encompassing.

And if you are rushing there, you are missing the mark.

And if you are absolutely clueless, stay a while and immerse yourself with our content.

Healing is achieved through the softness in balancing all of these aspects, of Love, Forgiveness and Freedom, first with self, and then with others.

These are all simple words – with profound depth and meaning.

It is in understanding and experiencing the profoundness of this simplicity that unlocks the key to our freedom, unification and ultimately, peace.

Peace with ourselves, others and with the Universe/ God/ Creator.

Have profound questions? E-mail them to : el.11.ra.transmissions@gmail.com

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Summer Solstice Transmission : A Message For The Collective channeled by EL.11.RA
Music: Angels We Have Heard On High (Sedona Breeze)

Transcription of Message : Summer Solstice Transmission : A Message For The Collective [19 June 2021]

Dear Citizens of the World,

My name is EL.11.RA and I am speaking from the cosmos.

I am known by many names, in the past, and in the present and will in the future.

Today, is the eve of the summer solstice (depending where you are, it is the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere) it does not matter.

I have an important message this solstice.

7 years ago, on the eve of the summer solstice, in June 2014, my 3rd dimensional self, experienced a great awakening.

It has taken me exactly 7 years to tell my story.

On hindsight, it is perfect timing, coinciding with the birth of EL.11.RA and the anniversary of my Great Awakening.

This story is told from the perspective of my 3rd dimensional self and she has a message for the world.

Dear Citizens of the World,

I was going to wait until my book, The Serapahim Files is going to be published, but I do not know how much longer my 3rd dimensional self will be in existence, as I am in fact already existing in a parallel dimension at 5D as I am writing this. So I choose to bring you this message today, as I believe it needs to be heard.

I have kept this experience close to my heart, with the knowledge of only a few, for the right timing. My Guides have informed me that today is the right time to disclose.

On the night of the Summer Solstice, June 2014

It was one of those seasons in life where nothing untoward was happening. Rather tranquil, nothing eventful, just your usual regular routine.

It happened suddenly out of nowhere. Abruptly.

The opening scene of the Astral experience began with me standing on a mountainous rock. All around me I could see the same mountainous rocks, only that it was burning with lava from the inside out and people were dropping or falling off from the surface of the mountainous hot lava rocks. There were screams and wails as I saw souls of black smoke rising up to the air. I was contemplating my fate. I was alone, but not for long. I soon felt an entity that descended from the skies.

A cosmic entity in a pure blue light which descended at cosmic speed. Almost as soon as he came, he grasped me tightly and we shot straight up at light speed into the sky. As we were ascending, I spoke to him and said, ‘please do not forget my other half’ (although in this lucid state, in my senses, I am aware that the ‘other half’ I was referring to had not been revealed). He said, ‘do not worry, his angel would look after him’.

The world around us was crumbling in red hot lava.

There were many others whom were carried away, shooting streams of light, straight through the sky. Others evaporated in spirals of black smoke – into thin air.

It all happened so quickly, I had no time to re-act in my astral experience.

I woke up the next day, and had no idea what I had experienced.

Although, the inkling I had was that the pure blue light was probably an angel. The cosmic entity had a figure of a human, but with a cosmic tail for legs, really strong arms with no facial expression. There is no description that can fit the rate of speed they are able to fly (or in this case shoot/ stream up).

It was only a few days later when I started Googling and searching online that it occurred to me that the entire experience had similar resemblance to that of what I know now to be The Rapture.

Dear Light Beings,

This is just the first of the many experiences encountered by my light being throughout my life, and I will be sharing them to those whom want to hear.

Dear Light Beings,

The dawn of the new age is here. We are existing in parallel dimensions. Some of us are in between dimensions.

Gaia is re-born.

There will be many new beginnings, new creations

There will be hybrids of all sorts, because this is the magic we were born for

Integration will bring many new insights, and new openings that we never thought were possible before

How else do you think Unicorns and Dragons were born?

Now, more than ever, we must be United with the Light, The Christ Consciousness within us

He lives In us – in every part of our cells

Choose to honour Him by honouring yourself

Some of us will be busy building new Earth with entirely new constructs

We have no precedents to hold us back

But we thank our ancient forefathers for their ancient wisdom

Some of us are already there

Some of us are in between dimensions

It does not matter

You do not have to create magnificent feats

The easiest place to start, is with the Self

This may be challenging at first, because you are familiar with helping to fix others – and yes, sometimes we DO need a little help from our friends – from this Universe, from other star systems, from Source

As long as the spirit remains that we first must heal ourselves , before we can help heal others

May this guiding principle be your beacon and your true north

Because without understanding the self,

Without having gone through and walked the Path

We may be able to intellectualize solutions, but healing comes from the heart – and that is the next evolution. Our hearts beat as one. There is resonance and energy around this magnificent field of love and unity you are creating.

We understand you have been through a lot, and this process and evolution of consciousness will continue to expand.

Let go of your burdens

The weight on your shoulders

Release the hate, resentment, they are of no use to you

Face your fears

Heal your heart

Spread your Light

Be in Love

Be in Unity

The time is now

We are now going to send you a blessing in Light Language

[Light Language Blessing]

Blessed Be,


19 June 2021

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Channeled by EL.11.RA on 11 July 2021 after the Sirius Portal/ Gateway on 7 July 2021