Why Light Language?


Light Language, like music, has no barrier – it transcends space and time, transverses colour, creed, age, race or religion, and any medium or material that bridges the gap caused by polarization.

The potential of Light Language can be a powerful tool for unification, where we speak and understand a single, one true language, that speaks to our heart and soul.

It matters not where you are from, but rather, your heart and soul song, communicated directly with Source through you.

Light Language has the ability to heal through directing Source, Celestial and Angelic healing energy together with Light Language. Angels appear in almost every religious context and through history, accounts have been documented on encounters with celestial and cosmic beings. By accessing and applying these celestial and cosmic energies, frequencies and resonance blueprints and signatures, they can affect changes in our DNA, restoring, and upgrading our energetic blueprint and light body template, unlocking dormant DNA or light codes held within the memory of our cells that would activate our body to assimilate greater light and shifting to higher levels of consciousness (from 3D to 5D and beyond).

Light Language is a multi-dimensional healing tool which speaks to the molecular, cellular, and energetic levels to heal the body, mind, and emotions.

In Divine Oneness,


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Morning Conversations with EL.11.RA in Light Language

Let’s normalize speaking and communicating in Light Language

Morning Conversations with EL.11.RA in Light Language ~ April, 7th 2022

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