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Light Language

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What is Light Language?

2019 – The first time I heard light language was by pure design, through an online light language activation by a phenomenal celestial being with Arcturian starseed lineage. And it ignited a spark in me.

Immediately, I felt an explosion of sensations that appeared as light, from a peripheral sense, right in the middle of my head, to what I now know to be an activation of my pineal gland.

A few days after, I started writing light language on my own. Something which I had no prior knowledge about nor learned before. It just came out and wanted to be expressed.

I then progressed to signing and speaking light language, occasionally toning during my channelling sessions. I am able to channel multi-dimensional intergalactic beings and bring through their light language, in sound, movement, writing and speech, from the cosmic and celestial realms. I am also able to speak ancient ancestral languages which were lost if and when they come thru during my channelling sessions.

Channelling light language may sometimes entail both speaking and writing at the same time, but does not only confine to speech and writing, but also movement, channelled through dance and signing. The light language that comes thru my channelling sessions are recorded (through audio) and written down in order for us to record in light language code what has been channelled through, from what I understand to be intepreted in our Earth history as Higher Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels, intergalactic cosmic beings, starseeds or ancestral earth beings.

At first encounter, light language may sound like gibberish, and does not make any sense to the human mind.

Light Language is interpreted differently for different people. For some, Light Language is angelic and for others, it is intergalactic or have starseed origins. In either scenario, Light Language, is widely adopted and universally adapted, to be understood in a unified consciousness among all living beings capable of interpreting and communicating thought and feeling. We are no different as we are part of this large Universe living on planet Earth.

Light Language is actually light, encapsulated in speech, writing and movement. To the inner mind, light language appears as bright streaks of light and usually in white, yellow or gold. However, it may appear in other colours as well.

Because we live in a multi-dimensional Universe, there are many different types of light languages and light codes. Some are angelic in nature, some are expressed in code form, and others are an expression of symbols and codes based on the language from their own star system. Due to the vastness of application, Light Language today can be angelic and galactic, ancient and futuristic.

Some of us are able to channel and express ourselves in light language because we may have, encoded in our DNA starseed or celestial origins. These traits lay dormant in our cells until it is activated and when we start to recall our galactic or celestial origins, these traits are unwound and released.

Each person has their own style of expression, with a distinct light language signature which is brought through their own voice, and distinct to the beings or aspects they are bringing through them. In biblical times, it was also referred to as ‘speaking in tongues’.

Light Language itself is multi-dimensional in nature and do not point to a particular single definition. Encapsulated in sound and form (in writing), for our visualization here on Earth, the transmission of Light Language is energetic in nature. A single Light Language code can contain and be infused with all of those forms of communication mentioned above, including states of being, expressions of emotion and charged with cosmic presence.

In this sense, communication through Light Language is not necessarily only confined to humans, galactic and celestial beings – rather, it is a form of communication with life itself, which can manifest as a tree, a dolphin, and even Source energy. Light Language can even be imprinted in objects such as crystals to enhance the effectiveness of a healing session or to be stored for later use, like program codes stored in an archive – only this time, it is stored as light codes.

It is not something that can be immediately understood by our human body and mind as it works at a subconscious and super-conscious level. It can however be felt neurologically, by the central nervous system, the heart and an inner knowing which connects the heart and the mind, soul (energetic/etheric body) and body (physical). Due to the multi-dimensional nature of Light Language, a single Light Language session may resonate differently for different individuals, or may bring in a collective understanding.

Celestial beings such as angels, are often depicted in paintings and illustrations, as beaming or weaving light (which is a form of signing Light Language without involving speech) and through this ancient form of healing, apply an energetic resonance of pure love to ease the challenges and struggles experienced by a human being. This form of healing is both high vibrational and soothing, with a calming effect, which elevates our energetic field to higher vibrational levels, raising our energetic blueprints, preparing us for ascension, our soul mission and purpose, at the same time helping us recall who and where we came from (our starseed lineage and/or celestial origins), revealing our true soul essence and accelerating our full awakening.

*Pure love is a certain state of being achieved through a combination of energy and emotions, resonating at a certain frequency, which can then be expressed and translated through speech, touch, feeling, and most of all, through thought. It is possible that different beings (whether celestial, intergalactic or human) are all capable of generating, resonating and applying different states of being and frequencies and resonance, which can be strengthen through practice and time.


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Holistic Therapy through Light Language
EL.11.RA Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions
A Celestial Light Language Written Code
EQUINOX : The EL.11.RA Transmissions – Channeled by EL.11.RA on 20 March 2021
Sun Salutation in Light Language was channeled by EL.11.RA on 11 July 2021 after the Sirius Gateway/ Portal opening on 7 July 2021

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Light Language/ Cosmic Transmissions Package 1

A light language/ cosmic transmission/ channelling session for 30 or 60 minutes
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Spoken and Written
A light language/ cosmic transmission/ channelling session for 30 or 60 minutes and customized light language/ cosmic/ intergalactic codes in print format arising from the transmission/ channelling session
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Light Body & Light Language Activations

Activating your Light Body and Speaking Light Language Activation Light Body Activation

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Integrated Light Work : The EL.11.RA Model

Integrated Light Work
Integrated healing session and channelled messages
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Tapping into the Super-Conscious to access higher and altered states, tap into the Divine and connect with Ultra Superior through The Simpson Protocol

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Ancient Akashic Records Reading

Using your Date of Birth and Time of Birth, for love, career and an overview of your chart

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Starseed Origins

Finding out about your Starseed Origins/ Star Race through Light Language and/or Cosmic Transmissions

Connecting to your Star Family

$111 (for 30 minutes) / $222 (for 60 minutes)

Light Language Art

Channelling your artistic expressions through drawing, painting and creating your own light codes for personal use

$555 per class

Interpreting Light Language

Need help in interpreting Light Language?

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Synthesized DNA Healing and Integrated Light Work

The EL.11.RA Method

A fully customized healing program based on a series of Methodologies in Spiritual Science

This is a customized healing program which is tailored to the specific needs of the individual which looks into your energetic blueprint, DNA codes and integrating the spiritual, energetic and natural components as the natural progression in our consciousness evolution.

Depending on the needs of the individual, this program may stretch up to 4 sessions across 8 hours, in 2 hour slots per session. Or 2 sessions across 8 hours, in 4 hour slots per session.

This is an exclusive program, and I am only accepting clients on a one-to-one basis.

Price : $1,111.00

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Introduction to Light Language

Introduction to Energy Healing

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Integrated Light Work : The EL.11.RA Model

Certification for Integrated Light Work : The EL.11.RA Model

The EL.11.RA Ascension Program

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Due to limited slots available, and to facilitate difference in international time zones, kindly schedule your session at least 72 hours prior to the actual Light Language session


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