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Energy Healing

Reiki (All Levels)

Angelic Reiki

Crystal Reiki

Light Language (Introduction)

Channelling (Introduction)

Integrated Light Work : The EL.11.RA Model (this is an Intermediate/ Advanced Level Course and students are recommended to complete at least 1 of the Introduction modules as a foundational course before doing Integrated Light Work)

Light Language Art

Sound Alchemy (students do not require any pre-qualifications to enrol)

Sacred Economy (Coming Soon)

Hypnotherapy (Basic and Foundational)

Advanced Hypnotherapy

The Simpson Protocol (Classes are conducted by certified SP Practitioners)

E-mail: el.11.ra.transmissions@gmail.com for details

Channeled Workshops 2022

April 2022

Debut : A channeled workshop brought through by RA and Sirian energies during the Spring Equinox, March 2022 channeled by EL.11.RA

In this workshop you will receive the channeled information from RA, the ancient egyptian Sun God and from the Sirians which were transmitted and received on the week leading up to the Spring Equinox, March 2022.

The channeled information received is connected to the following :

Divine Union Alchemy based on Egyptian Mythology

Relationship and Interaction between the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses in the Duality and Non-Duality Aspects (Oneness)

The effect of Trauma, Reconciliation of Parts, Quantum Entanglement and the interconnectedness with Karma

Attendees will also receive Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions from the Sirians and we are told that the Arcturians may also make their presence felt during the workshop.

This is a once in an opportunity workshop coupled with a LIVE Transmission.

A copy of the Transmission will be made available via audio recording for participants.

This workshop is suitable for anyone aged 18 and above. If you have an interest in the following topics, this workshop may be of interest to you:

Twin Soul/ Twin Flame

Divine Union/ Sacred Union

Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine


Parts Therapy

Egyptian Mythology

Starseed Origins, Galactic Star Races

Duality and Non-Duality Aspects

Light Language, Light Codes, Light Activations

Cosmic Transmissions, Intergalactic Downloads and Messages

Akashic Records


Spiritual Science



This channeled workshop is also available as a course after 16 April 2022.

Sign Up and Get Tickets Here. A Link will be sent to you after check out and payment.

Alternatively, payment can be made via PayPal.

Online Course/ Workshop Event : $222

ADD ON : EL.11.RA Divine Union Energetic Recalibration towards greater alignment for Divine Union and Ascension pathway.

For Individuals or Couples whom are working towards greater alignment in their Divine path, joint mission and soul purpose individually and together, accelerate their pathway towards Ascension and supporting others in the journey.

Energetic recalibration sessions are post workshop and are on an appointment basis only. The first 5 to sign up for the EL.11.RA energetic recalibration session will receive a copy of the EL.11.RA Channelled Insights for 2022 absolutely FREE.

Individual sessions are $111
Couple sessions are $222

For Couple Sessions, both parties are to attend on the same day, together.

Booking Form

Please schedule an appointment 48 hours before the actual session. Kindly indicate whether the Divine Union Energetic Recalibration is for Individual/ Couple. Zoom link will be sent before the session via e-mail.