Today is an auspicious day for me personally, as the Seraphim first made her presence felt to me exactly 2 years ago on April 4th, 2020.

Numerologically speaking, the dates culminate to the Angelic numbers 444 when she first appeared, in a splendour of pure metallic gold, flooding my entire etheric surroundings, and bathing me in a shower of her majestic presence and golden light.

Today, 2 years later, the numbers add up to another series of 444. To commemorate this auspicious date, when the Seraphim first appeared to me, I have spent the last 2 years building up the EL.11.RA platform and channeling messages from the Celestial Realms which I hope have served as a well of inspiration.

The appearance of the Seraphim also coincided with the time when the world was experiencing an unprecedented level of fear and despair. The early days with the Seraphim was spent in prayer, quiet contemplation and daily channelings of Light Language – a Celestial form of Light Language which I first started writing, out of the blue on 30 December 2019 and started speaking, after The Seraphim made her presence felt.

In the beginning, I had no idea what Light Language was, or how it came about. All I knew that day was to take out my notebook, and started writing what would be the first 2 sentences of a Light Language text consisting of 22 characters/ Light Codes.

It is of no coincidence that my life has been surrounded by Angel Numbers since birth. I have seen sequences of 1111 and 2222 ever since I was a child or could remember, the numbers of which are now in the hundreds of thousands, and which I have lost count.

The Seraphim’s arrival 5 years after my first awakening, in June 2014 (in an immersive experience of an event which eventually led me to understand that what I had experienced was in resemblance to The Rapture), was to pave way for a significant chapter in my life, that took place between 2020 to February 22nd, 2022.

The full narrative and background story can be found here

I now begin a new chapter, with a deeper innerstanding of the world we live in, both physically and in the ethers, and the multitude of energies and multi-dimensional beings we are blessed to work with.

The Seraphim’s presence is symbolic of God’s grace, radiance, and the gift of purification through forgiveness. A reminder of our own Divinity and a call to Love – which is one of the major themes in 2022 where more will be called to be in Union in a deeper sense.

The Seraphim are sometimes called the ‘ones of Love’ as the name comes from a Hebrew root for ‘love’.

And on this premise, I begin my new chapter rooted in Love of the Highest Form. 2022 will be a year where I will be dedicating a great part of my work in Love, Wisdom, and Divine Union which holds a more profound meaning, catered for our modern times.

Before I pen off, deepest heartfelt gratitude is sent to my soul family, family and loved ones, all my Higher Guides whom have watched over and accompanied me through this lifetime, past, present and future.

“We are all just walking each other home”

Our neuro, chemical and bio pathways can be rewired if we love with our minds and think with our hearts.

Love then becomes rooted in wisdom;
And Consciousness/ Conscious Thought or Thinking takes form in the center of the Heart where more humane decisions can be derived, more empathy, kindness, and deliberation made from a space of compassion.

Many of these words, are to be felt, received, lived and experienced.

It is through the experiencing of these words that we innerstand the true breadth of the meaning for ourselves, in our own context of being.

Once these concepts are learnt, you will have them for life.

There is a sense of freedom and liberation from such experiences. You unlock yourself and free yourself from this self imprisonment of constant searching, tireless loops of finding answers or chasing what is beyond.

Your mind can then rest, as you tune into a soothing state,
And as you begin to discover the first communication you have had with your heart for quite some time now, you begin to connect your heart center to the higher realms/ higher consciousness to access all the answers you have in you all along.

If you are more of a Heart person you may experience an overdrive in emotions. This is not bad per se. (I have always worked on the premise of following my heart, and observing how far my feelings can take me, with outstanding outcomes, beyond what we could imagine. And I thank my support network for allowing me true expression, a constant safety net and unconditional love – so you see, my soul tribe/family sets an extremely concrete and firm foundation in order for us to discover beyond boundaries, though emotions). If you are more of a Heart person, harness the benefits of feeling in with Wisdom. The mind is a muscle, just like the heart, and strengthens with practice. This can mean getting educated, being in silent contemplation without reaction, observing, meditating, or going for hypnosis (such as the Simpson Protocol, SP).

If you are more of a Mind person, constantly in your head, you can explore bridging the heart-mind connection, by activating your heart centre to connect with your higher consciousness. Deliberate thought in daily living entails making small decisions from the heart center, and then as you go along, the larger decisions.

When these two loops of the mind and heart no longer becomes separate, circulating in its own trajectory, the union and merging of the heart and mind becomes achievable in a single infinite flow that connects and communicates – first within, then with the environment and the universe. The United Heart-Mind achieves its own equilibrium and balance, the energetic flow between the mind and heart flows seamlessly, like an electric circuit – generating a Force of Life.

This ebb and flow, balanced in equilibrium harmony is what is eternal and everlasting. Biologically, it develops our receptors and neuro, chemical and bio pathways by redirecting thought, whether it be produced by the mind or the heart, and in the process activate certain dormant keys or pathways that can give you access to an unbelievable throve of information and resources that will help you thrive and not just survive.

Allow your overworked muscles and frizzled neural pathways to rest and rejuvenate. Find sources of real relaxation and recovery by really committing to a holistic health plan that takes care of the areas you are fully aware which needs more support and development. This can be physical, but mostly these days it is more mental and emotional. We work with the additional element of spirituality, or what can also be referred to as a higher intelligence or consciousness. This is the all encompassing important ingredient for a most integrative process.

We have a host of modalities available in our website here

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Toxic Masculinity can be witnessed by and through how the Feminine are treated, and can look something like this:


Lied to/ Omission




Constantly Hiding Truths

Hedging and Pitting Women Against Women/ Men Against Men

Disappearing/ Silent Treatment

Hypocrisy/ Incoherence between Actions and Behaviour

Gathering Flying Monkeys

Refusal To Learn or Change

Collect Women As Trophies / Filling a Void Through Validation From Multiple Sources

Violation of Boundaries by Selective Deafness

Emotional Violence 

Distorting Realities

These and many other covert acts by the Toxic Masculine (and sometimes, women who embody Toxic Masculinity, although to a lesser degree). The shadow side of the Masculine or what is commonly known as the Toxic Masculinity projects outward their worse sides especially when things are going well in an interpersonal relationship or interconnection. Some Toxic Masculines are so good at this, they do not even need to speak. They have become masters of non-verbal communication, inaction and utilize covert methods – which are even more harmful than blatant displays of Disrespect. 

Twin Flames/Twin Soul dynamics

Occasionally, the concept of “mirroring” in twin flame/twin soul connections can be a point of high contention, and misused. Most of the time, it is leveraged by the other party as an excuse for continuing bad behaviour. Often times, the Twin which expresses the dissatisfaction is being labeled as the ‘bad person’. But so often then not, it is the projection of the Twin resorting to covert actions and methods that contaminates the relationship (sometimes, this is done silently and in insidious ways which are highly likely to go unnoticed). Not only does this destroy everything that was being built before, but the real toxicity is the self-sabotage that happens, which at the end of the day, work to their own hindrance. It is almost like self-destruction by proxy. These are the insidious forces and energies that we really need to be aware of. 

If you can imagine the Feminine building a castle/home. And she is building for both the Feminine and the Masculine. The Masculine comes along, and introduces another energy that does not belong there (a negative form of energy). This upsets the Feminine. The Feminine has communicated her unease with regards to the situation, to the Masculine many times, this upsets her. Feeling distraught, she stops building altogether. This is not the first time. It has happened multiple times. And with different forms of negative energies, each and every time interrupting the building process. 

If from the outset, the energies are already Imbalanced, then the introduction of a negative energy into the dynamics further weakens their bond and drives them further apart. At this stage, they are both vibrating at different frequencies and there is a frequency gap/ mismatched frequencies. If this remains Unconscious (unrecognized) it is not only detrimental to their soul mission, but that of the soul family – in this case we shall refer to them as other Soul Aspects/ Soul Parts. 

Toxic Masculinity and Impact on Twin Flames/ Twin Souls On The Path To Union/Mission and Ascension

But you see, the Toxic Masculine (TM) do not just strings them along, these negative energies. The TM hides any traces of them being together, co-mingling, to incite jealousy in the Feminine and a retaliation. But always, the Higher Aspects work in such a way to reveal these toxic behaviours. The TM’s behaviour is a toxic path towards gaining self-esteem, because he is incapable of generating this in himself. So he uses people to harness self-esteem. Like a silent vampire, he drains all the energy, little by little, leaving a soul corpse. Or until when the Light goes out in the other Twin. 

There comes a point where accommodating someone else’s feelings (eventhough this person is a Twin) to the detriment of the feelings of Self, no longer honours the Higher Aspects. Where there is repeated Disrespect, violation of boundaries and emotional harm that leads to emotional bleeding and scaring, no matter how ‘destined’ the relationship is, the already injured Twin needs to walk away. 

These harmful forces can penetrate the psyche of anyone and work towards harming relationships which are initially destined to work towards a common goal or mission. It is the reason they were incarnated in the first place. 

So even in Twin relationships, the darkness can be seen and witnessed. Sometimes they can be more painful than a normal soul relationship or connection. And they can be in ‘Deep’ Unconscious Patterns. Some are in ‘Deep’ Conscious Patterns as they are fully aware of what is happening but still proceed in hurting their Twin. 

This is the insidious ways negative entities can operate in the deeper layers. 

So the question is, who does the shadow work? 

For maintaining sanity, the injured Twin decides to depart. One cannot stay in such a toxic relationship at the expense of the earthly embodiment. The Higher Self would not allow it. 

The Twin caught in Deep goes through a life of pain in a falsehood trajectory, spiraling out of control and eventually dropping into an abyss. 

It takes a lifetime to build, sometimes a million lifetimes. But only a single transgression or a series of transgressions that makes it a failed mission. 

Many times, these transgressions can appear as rejection, through negative toxic behavioural patterns that may be disguised as a quest for freedom or autonomy through building hurtful relationship dynamics that do not benefit the Union and drives a deep stake into the heart of the Feminine. 

It is more apparent, as the finishing line draws near. So near, yet so far – in this case, just too deep and far apart. 

No amount of compassion can save the circumstances of the fallen Twin. 

Therefore it is best to exit the relationship and cut all cords. If it is a true Twin relationship, unfortunately, the pain of separation remains and can be felt. However, there are ways and methods to reduce the pain so that it is not felt at a full 100% impact. 

If it is a false Twin relationship, and it turns out to be a Karmic one, then the feelings of the relationship dissipates. It is usually easier to walk away from such relationships. Once the karmic lesson is learnt, there is closure. Usually this happens quickly after the injured party’s healing comes to a completion and they are then able to release this – this can take place rather quickly and rapidly. 

Other Considerations – Twin Ascension

You may be questioning why a Twin behaves this way, and act in contrary to their own Divinity.

There is a theory that for some Twins who contracted in, to work on the lower aspects of their Soul Parts, after journeying through millenia, the higher aspects of their soul constitution has already Ascended.

In such situations, where the remaining lower aspects of the Twin resides still in the vessel, any spaces created within from the Ascension can be hijacked/ taken over by negative entities.

Essentially, where Ascension had been achieved, the soul no longer requires a vessel for existence and is free to travel interdimensionally and within parallel dimensions.

However, in such situations, these lower aspects may not be recognized by the Twin aspect or even other Soul Aspects and interconnections. Hence, it may appear as if your Twin has turned Evil.

There may be other reasons why this has occured, in terms of premature Ascension timelines. The Twin aspect may have accelerated the Ascension process by completion of all their tasks and Ascension took place earlier than planned. The soul Ascends (the positive aspects, at least) leaving behind the vessel (with the lower aspects, which are at times contracted to remain unsolved/ unresolved until all aspects of the Soul Family have integrated). There are other Soul Aspects or Soul Parts that are still working through their journey or soul path, and it is highly possible that the vessel of the Ascended Twin may then be used as a container for the soul work to be carried on, on behalf of the Soul Family, other Soul Aspects or Soul Parts.

This is the only exception – and calls for both the Feminine and Masculine to recognize this aspect.

It is most likely, if this is the case, that the contracted Soul Mission is that of the Soul Family.

Toxic Masculinity and Impact on Soul Aspects (Soul Parts) 

Each Twin Sets’ circumstances are different and there may be many Soul Aspects at play, especially when the Twins have many other soul interconnections. It is possible that the purpose of incarnation is for the Twins to experience extreme polarity, so that they and their soul connections experience both opposite end of the spectrum for growth and diversity, for example, to experience Chaos and Order intermittently which catalyzes and accelerates the Ascension process of not only themselves, but also that of their soul interconnections. 

In that sense, in a true Twin relationship, the descend to oblivion and unconsciousness is part of the process unfolding towards Ascension. However, such mechanisms are truly rare and carries a high risk of losing that particular Soul Aspect in the abyss. 

At the Oversoul, every Soul Aspect is important. Ascension of the Oversoul takes place when all Soul Aspects are fully integrated and the Oversoul is complete. 

Therefore, Toxic Masculinity is an easy gateway for these insidious forces to take over and spread a spiritual disease, through and by using their vessel. The easiest way this can infect the other Soul Aspects is through relationships. 

To prevent such occurrences, it is innate in each Soul Aspect to practice spiritual/energetic hygiene in body, mind, heart and soul. It comes naturally. 

If, despite the emphasis on the need for so doing, and the person refuses to follow through, or rejects, then most likely, some other forces is at play, residing deep in their psyche, in the recesses of their minds. The sole main purpose of these negative forces is to destroy the vessel from within. 

So whenever we struggle to lift out spirits up, or when we feel downtrodden, it is important to take a step back and take the necessary steps to elevate the body’s frequencies. 

When one Soul Aspect is affected, other interconnected soul parts of the Soul Aspect can also be affected, such as their physical health, or even mental health. Some Soul Aspects which are joined, may experience concurrent symptoms. So if there is a decline in one Soul Aspect, for example, a loss of desire or willingness to live, then it is highly likely that another Soul Aspect may experience a similar impact, and may undergo a deep depression, with a loss of sense of direction or life purpose in general. 

Feedback from interconnections is one way to keep in check of the self, no matter how poorly you feel after receiving the Truth from a member of the soul family. In this case, the Soul Aspect caught in the abyss received multiple feedback loops from his Twin but chose not to act upon it, but instead, react the opposite of his Twin’s wishes, to his own detriment. 

One of the ways we can keep ourselves in check is noticing any repetitive negative patterns that never seem to have a solution to them. If you keep experiencing these repetitively, it is a good idea to take a look at yourself and how you may be triggering this in the other person. As it turns out, there is a high chance that there is some inner work that you need to do internally within yourself. Triggers are a mirror, that often reflect aspects that need to be worked on and healed. If your Twin is constantly on edge, and feeling emotionally distraught all the time, it is worthwhile to examine the ways you have not actually heard or placed important emphasis in making much concerted effort and needed changes within yourself. It may also mean that you had consistently violated the boundaries she has set. 

Boundaries can look different for different people. At times, what may seem as a ‘prohibition’ for you, is actually a firm boundary for the other party. There are reasons for this, and they may not always be apparent on the outset to you (which is why it is Unconscious, in your psyche). 

Boundaries exist to align the parties to achieve a common goal or objective and to catalyze the energetic exchanges and alchemy. The build up towards the Ascension path is always through Love (being the highest vibrational frequency). The further you are from this Reality, the more you remain separated from the Soul Aspects and the Oversoul, your Higher Consciousness/ Higher Self. 

These are true, authentic changes which takes place in the Heart. All are revealed by Higher Aspects, so there is no point in hiding. 

Once you do the inner work to eliminate any and all Toxic Masculine behaviours, remnants and traces, and honour the Feminine’s Higher Self, you will cease to keep both of you trapped in a vicious cycle that is not necessary in the first place. Nevertheless, which was introduced and first formulated at play, with the introduction of the negative energies that should not have been introduced in the first place. However, as in all things, this stark contrast could be a learning point for all other Soul Aspects or Soul Parts to discern the difference between separation/ duality to learn soul lessons vs opening a gateway for negative entities or energies to enter/ penetrate/ infiltrate which essentially delays Ascension of the Oversoul.

The only reason this perpetuates is because the Twin experiencing backlash through honest feedback is adamant they are right (through false distortions) and the Twin experiencing continuous, emotional distraught is being falsely told that they are the problem.

If there is anything you need to work on this year, work on nurturing a positive masculinity aspect. The Feminine is destined to rise, and it is precisely this reason many fears are surfacing – as they should be.

The fully emblazoned feminine energies are yet unknown, and to what extent. However, if we expect them to be like the omnipotent masculine energies that created power and dominion, we would be greatly surprised at how the Feminine turns out. My sense is that, it is truly something we would have never experienced before, and we will be completely floored or brought to our knees. I believe it would be closer to Divinity than we have ever experienced before. An all-encompassing, all-knowing form of Pure Divinity that comes from the Core of the Heart Center, where no words can describe, or even necessary at the precipice of first contact.

Therefore, honour your Feminine and make it a priority to end all Toxic Masculinity – for eternity. It matters, because this would be one of the most significant markers, shift and change we can leave a legacy on in this Timeline and Dimension, in the Universal Akashic Records. 

As you can imagine, this would be our greatest gift, birthed from Duality. And perhaps one of the greater lessons we came here to achieve, as a Collective. 

Channelled by EL.11.RA on 22 February 2022