Identify the reasons why you haven’t been functioning at your optimal levels and notice the repeating patterns that are interrupting your schedule or goals.

More often than not, you are not progressing either by circumstances not within your control, or by circumstances where there is some level of control but it is not societally acceptable norms to do so.

In both situations, even the strongest of us are derailed. Because whenever it happens – there is a perception that control is ‘taken away’ from us.

Temporary, as it may seem,
Accumulated ‘temporary’ out-of-control circumstances can be debilitating and erodes the self through time where others’ needs are often prioritized before yours.
And you are left swimming in overwhelm.

The unaware and unconscious will continue to draw from your ‘well’. The God Source.
It is a myth to think that The God Source can ever be depleted.
The God Source is ever flowing, replenished within continuously.
It is who we are.
And eventually only this essence remains when we are called Home.

See them for who they are.
The unaware, The unconscious,
Their true colours
Without having to hide them
Or change them
Even for themselves

Or even, if these are parts of ourselves

We can choose to step away from the situation and take back control.
Doing so, ensures your survival, here.
And that your path and work continues.
Perhaps it is not time yet.
And we know exactly what to do.
But there is also the less appreciated path of surrender.

Remember you are here, in this position, because you are not heartless.
The sense of entitlement so often easily taken by others, without even a second thought, leaves you and your life a wrecking mess.
Because you apply daily compassion and know what giving to others without expectation truly meant.

It also means that very often, your true hidden selflessness remains unseen.
But that is okay,
Because the Higher Powers that be knows..

They see you
They hear you

And know this,
The harder the climb,
The rougher the road,

The closer you are,
To Paradise

If you can be anything, be kind ~

A Message on Kindness

Kindness as an energy can uplift a person.

And because of that kindness, he/she will muster up the strength, weather through impossible storms, and carry on with his/her work.

You can never know, how significant this can be.

Because this same person, given the support and kindness may end up finding a cure that will heal millions.

Now, just think of what your kindness can do today ~

Music: The Temple of Jerusalem
Michael Levy

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Do you or someone you know, feel disconnected with Source or God? Do you or someone you know, have frequent dis-belief or self-doubt connected to yours or their Ascension path? Are you commonly beating yourself up and not living your Truth?

Do you have fears of not being on the right path, spiritually and personally? Do you feel as if you are left out from the Ascension journey? Do you have a lack of faith that you would not be able to return to Source or God feeling shame and guilt from past conduct?

Do you always feel lethargic, fatigued, with low energy and vibrational levels? Do you feel that your body is dense and you are constantly weighed down by problems, issues and challenges that do not originate from you, yet you cannot help but to think that you attract these same problems and issues. Do you feel like you are not able to break free from vicious and toxic life cycles, thought patterns and emotional bonds that no longer serve your highest purpose?

Ascension is a choice – Everyone can choose to Ascend.

However, whether or not you make a conscious and compelling decision to do so, depends on you.

Remember the Divinity in you and Remember that you are a Beacon of Light.

It is common for lightworkers, empaths and those whom are walking a spiritual path in their day-to-day life, to feel down-trodden and beaten down. They spend most of their lives, if not all, in giving and pouring their heart and soul into their family life and careers, often neglecting themselves in the process.

We are not able to give from an empty container. Consistently feeling internal discord, confusion and dread will cause the Body to be out of sync with the Light and Soul. These low and dense energies will weigh the body down. Being in a constant state of anguish and angst will affect your day-to-day living, driving you further into internalized isolation and impede your mission as a lightworker or wayshower.

Light Language can unearth these hidden and embedded multi-layers to be dissolved and kick-start your healing process, bringing you back to greater Spiritual alignment and being. The healing process is a journey, but with consistent commitment, and the highest intentions, you will be able to break out from the crust and reveal your highest fields of light body which is already within you.

Light Language will help you recall your own Light forms, and return you to the luminous Light being that you are, vibrating at a high level of sustained ecstatic frequency that matches to your energetic signature, so that you may continue to be of service to others as Light bearer.

Explore our Light Language services and e-mail us at if you would like to find out more or schedule a healing session. We recommend our signature healing model, The EL.11.RA Model*

*The EL.11.RA Model is an integrated healing model comprising of energetic, frequency and resonance work. Schedule a call/ e-mail me to find out more.

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