If you can be anything, be kind ~

A Message on Kindness

Kindness as an energy can uplift a person.

And because of that kindness, he/she will muster up the strength, weather through impossible storms, and carry on with his/her work.

You can never know, how significant this can be.

Because this same person, given the support and kindness may end up finding a cure that will heal millions.

Now, just think of what your kindness can do today ~

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Confused much?

Wearing two shoes

I’d like you to contemplate this:
Writing from the perspective of a woman, it is acceptable for a woman to watch another woman dance.
In some parts of the world, this can still come across as a semi-taboo with all kinds of connotations attached, mostly sexual. But what I am trying to invite you to sense is that, as a woman, the first instincts/beliefs that kicks in is indicative of parts of ourselves concerning acceptance and for some, concerning shame, and a misconception and confusion towards sensuality and sexuality.
Not all, but most.
I will write more about this in another post. You see, I am on a quest to look for the feminines residing in women. And so far, they had been few.

Still, from a woman’s perspective, we take the same principles from the dance to other areas in our lifes. Depending on the environmental factors, these relationships may change – the feminine may be inclined to become the hunter. Especially when food becomes scarce, competition is rife and when survival kicks in (not by choice). The sisterhood may be lost, and that’s how we disconnect from ourselves.

Now, while a lot of interest is generated around the feminine energies, I’d like you to consider this.

In the same context, but from a man’s perspective, a man, watching another man dance – not in a sexual way/ asexual. But embracing what it feels like, the energy, the power, strength, protection, all encompassing.

Think of Shamans and Native Americans, even the Haka, and how they embody these energies through dance. (Although most men today would not be caught half-dressed, covered with patches of leaves and feathers, in their bedroom)

But even this, has a masculine-masculine reverberance.

Still from a man’s perspective, I would like us to go one step deeper. That is to surface the feelings and connotations that are attached to a feminine expression, brought through a masculine body, such as a dance-form like ballet.

I think you know what immediately surfaces and the automatic perceptions attached to these thought-forms, which are then translated to automatic feelings towards them.

Applying the same analogy, and translating the dance to everyday life and principles we live by, some of these thought-forms and feelings are ingrained and automatic.

But it’s not only the men feeling this way, but the expectations of women too – that’s how we have been conditioned/wired.
Not all, but most.

Also, boys don’t dance – it is considered sissy.

We may mask this with socially acceptable and politically correct statements – but do we really, truly feel the authenticity of our statements?

Still from a man’s perspective, I am not suggesting you donne a tutu. But rather to explore your natural movements as a man, but expressed in a feminine way. To have the freedom to explore these energies within you in a nurturing, gentle, and safe way. And know that this pure, feminine life force is deep and well alive within you.
It is a part of you.

A touch of the Divine in you

Hold yourself, as if you were holding and dancing with a woman – and that woman is you.

Not insinuating that you are to spring into the air, in some incredible acrobatic moves, but rather, to connect with the feminine aspects of yourself through movement.

Embrace the beauty within you

We do, naturally, carry on with our daily lives, personifying the identity which is familiar. But this personal time, you have, connecting with these aspects of yourself, can unlock some really powerful insights that you may not have been previously aware of – no matter what they may be. Therein lies some tremendous truths – and acceptance can only be derived if we are authentic to ourselves, on what it is we truly need. And the healing of those parts, if need be.

This process can help us discover core wounds and a deeper understanding within, where we may have mislead ourselves, through honest misdiagnosis and false beliefs, expending energy on healing other parts instead – and the reason why we are not experiencing any breakthroughs.

It is all done in honour of Love

So I invite you, to contemplate, the many gifts that can be unearthed from the deeper parts of ourselves that may have been blanketed by pre-programing and social conditioning. To rewire our thought process connected to things and ideas that seems almost automatic to us, without questioning how those same pre-conceived ideas may no longer serve us the same way now, or have evolved, and to contemplate on the gifts in hidden, untapped areas within ourselves that have yet to be explored, in a journey towards greater alignment within ourselves.

From an androgynous, non sexual, neutral way. Purely from exploring the energetic components of each. Within your own gender.

We learn to dance with both aspects of ourselves, before we can dance with others.
And in the discovery process, can we then begin to savour the tango of life, and other aspects that come through, such as, do we lead, or do we receive the gifts of being led.

Brave new world, I know.

Have fun ✨

We learn to dance with ourselves, before we can dance with others
And just imagine, the possibilities, when we dance together

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Do you or someone you know, feel disconnected with Source or God? Do you or someone you know, have frequent dis-belief or self-doubt connected to yours or their Ascension path? Are you commonly beating yourself up and not living your Truth?

Do you have fears of not being on the right path, spiritually and personally? Do you feel as if you are left out from the Ascension journey? Do you have a lack of faith that you would not be able to return to Source or God feeling shame and guilt from past conduct?

Do you always feel lethargic, fatigued, with low energy and vibrational levels? Do you feel that your body is dense and you are constantly weighed down by problems, issues and challenges that do not originate from you, yet you cannot help but to think that you attract these same problems and issues. Do you feel like you are not able to break free from vicious and toxic life cycles, thought patterns and emotional bonds that no longer serve your highest purpose?

Ascension is a choice – Everyone can choose to Ascend.

However, whether or not you make a conscious and compelling decision to do so, depends on you.

Remember the Divinity in you and Remember that you are a Beacon of Light.

It is common for lightworkers, empaths and those whom are walking a spiritual path in their day-to-day life, to feel down-trodden and beaten down. They spend most of their lives, if not all, in giving and pouring their heart and soul into their family life and careers, often neglecting themselves in the process.

We are not able to give from an empty container. Consistently feeling internal discord, confusion and dread will cause the Body to be out of sync with the Light and Soul. These low and dense energies will weigh the body down. Being in a constant state of anguish and angst will affect your day-to-day living, driving you further into internalized isolation and impede your mission as a lightworker or wayshower.

Light Language can unearth these hidden and embedded multi-layers to be dissolved and kick-start your healing process, bringing you back to greater Spiritual alignment and being. The healing process is a journey, but with consistent commitment, and the highest intentions, you will be able to break out from the crust and reveal your highest fields of light body which is already within you.

Light Language will help you recall your own Light forms, and return you to the luminous Light being that you are, vibrating at a high level of sustained ecstatic frequency that matches to your energetic signature, so that you may continue to be of service to others as Light bearer.

Explore our Light Language services and e-mail us at el.11.ra.transmissions@gmail.com if you would like to find out more or schedule a healing session. We recommend our signature healing model, The EL.11.RA Model*

*The EL.11.RA Model is an integrated healing model comprising of energetic, frequency and resonance work. Schedule a call/ e-mail me to find out more.

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