Today is an auspicious day for me personally, as the Seraphim first made her presence felt to me exactly 2 years ago on April 4th, 2020.

Numerologically speaking, the dates culminate to the Angelic numbers 444 when she first appeared, in a splendour of pure metallic gold, flooding my entire etheric surroundings, and bathing me in a shower of her majestic presence and golden light.

Today, 2 years later, the numbers add up to another series of 444. To commemorate this auspicious date, when the Seraphim first appeared to me, I have spent the last 2 years building up the EL.11.RA platform and channeling messages from the Celestial Realms which I hope have served as a well of inspiration.

The appearance of the Seraphim also coincided with the time when the world was experiencing an unprecedented level of fear and despair. The early days with the Seraphim was spent in prayer, quiet contemplation and daily channelings of Light Language – a Celestial form of Light Language which I first started writing, out of the blue on 30 December 2019 and started speaking, after The Seraphim made her presence felt.

In the beginning, I had no idea what Light Language was, or how it came about. All I knew that day was to take out my notebook, and started writing what would be the first 2 sentences of a Light Language text consisting of 22 characters/ Light Codes.

It is of no coincidence that my life has been surrounded by Angel Numbers since birth. I have seen sequences of 1111 and 2222 ever since I was a child or could remember, the numbers of which are now in the hundreds of thousands, and which I have lost count.

The Seraphim’s arrival 5 years after my first awakening, in June 2014 (in an immersive experience of an event which eventually led me to understand that what I had experienced was in resemblance to The Rapture), was to pave way for a significant chapter in my life, that took place between 2020 to February 22nd, 2022.

The full narrative and background story can be found here

I now begin a new chapter, with a deeper innerstanding of the world we live in, both physically and in the ethers, and the multitude of energies and multi-dimensional beings we are blessed to work with.

The Seraphim’s presence is symbolic of God’s grace, radiance, and the gift of purification through forgiveness. A reminder of our own Divinity and a call to Love – which is one of the major themes in 2022 where more will be called to be in Union in a deeper sense.

The Seraphim are sometimes called the ‘ones of Love’ as the name comes from a Hebrew root for ‘love’.

And on this premise, I begin my new chapter rooted in Love of the Highest Form. 2022 will be a year where I will be dedicating a great part of my work in Love, Wisdom, and Divine Union which holds a more profound meaning, catered for our modern times.

Before I pen off, deepest heartfelt gratitude is sent to my soul family, family and loved ones, all my Higher Guides whom have watched over and accompanied me through this lifetime, past, present and future.

“We are all just walking each other home”

Christianity was not founded when Jesus was alive. In fact, back in those days, Jesus, his Apostles and followers were all thought to be rebels, revolutionists and his healing abilities were thought to be witchcraft. The immaculate conception was considered heresy, putting the life of Mary in extreme danger.

Think of how easy it is today, to cast the first stone of blasphemy, in the name of religion, even though we have glaring precedents from religious texts to the same exact situation, right in front of our faces, and yet we become so blinded from the Truth.

Do we hold on to outdated texts, of buildings made of sand and stone, to save buildings and man made constructs which are fast becoming obsolete. Or do we open our eyes and see, really see, and become brave, to speak of exactly the same changes and transformation that the Son of God came to make.

Do we crucify those whom speak the Truth? Do we crucify those whom speak in Tongues?
Did we not read, understand and listen to Him who said His Kingdom Would Not Be Of This World?

Or do we just blindly accept what was?
And judge others through lens of blasphemy and claims of heresy?
Are you any different from Caiaphas?

5 January 2021 ~ Papal Keys

Channelled image on 5th January 2021 revealed crossed keys, both in Gold. No knowledge what it meant at point of channelling.

The Denial of Peter

11th September 2021 ~  “Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.”

The Self

In the Ascension process, you will first meet the part of you that you love the most – the egoic self.

As you Ascend, and through learning, or lessons presented along the journey, the ego begins to shed and this process can be an extremely painful one, as a part of you is dying. Not just any part, but the part of you, you love the most.

That is if, you were not aware of the ego death process.

Whether or not, the ego is a true or false part of you, is not the point.

All parts of you are acceptable – are loved.

As you nurture the egoic self to maturity, a flower blossoms in its place.

There are many paths to nurturing.

It all depends on what and how you would like to experience this nurturing. The ego and state is a direct reflection and mirror of your Self. Gentleness is key, as you would be gentle unto your Self.

The death of ego, is not so much a death in itself, rather, it is an opportunity for the transformation of the self most loved, to a matured state, where it comes into balance and harmony with the continuous evolution of your personal self journey and growth towards Ascension – towards the unification of your I AM presence.


This is the past life of our future selves
Make it an amazing one ✨

Your present is your past, Your future is your present ~ Time is relative

Ironic isn’t it ~
In a timeless dimension, where time is all we have, to witness here in 3D, everyone rushing for time

Time based decisions ~
Most of our decisions are motivated by time, more precisely, the urgency of time

Would you choose differently, if Time was not a factor

There will be no urgency
And we will Create with purpose and meaning


Dear Beautiful Soul,

Do you or someone you know, feel disconnected with Source or God? Do you or someone you know, have frequent dis-belief or self-doubt connected to yours or their Ascension path? Are you commonly beating yourself up and not living your Truth?

Do you have fears of not being on the right path, spiritually and personally? Do you feel as if you are left out from the Ascension journey? Do you have a lack of faith that you would not be able to return to Source or God feeling shame and guilt from past conduct?

Do you always feel lethargic, fatigued, with low energy and vibrational levels? Do you feel that your body is dense and you are constantly weighed down by problems, issues and challenges that do not originate from you, yet you cannot help but to think that you attract these same problems and issues. Do you feel like you are not able to break free from vicious and toxic life cycles, thought patterns and emotional bonds that no longer serve your highest purpose?

Ascension is a choice – Everyone can choose to Ascend.

However, whether or not you make a conscious and compelling decision to do so, depends on you.

Remember the Divinity in you and Remember that you are a Beacon of Light.

It is common for lightworkers, empaths and those whom are walking a spiritual path in their day-to-day life, to feel down-trodden and beaten down. They spend most of their lives, if not all, in giving and pouring their heart and soul into their family life and careers, often neglecting themselves in the process.

We are not able to give from an empty container. Consistently feeling internal discord, confusion and dread will cause the Body to be out of sync with the Light and Soul. These low and dense energies will weigh the body down. Being in a constant state of anguish and angst will affect your day-to-day living, driving you further into internalized isolation and impede your mission as a lightworker or wayshower.

Light Language can unearth these hidden and embedded multi-layers to be dissolved and kick-start your healing process, bringing you back to greater Spiritual alignment and being. The healing process is a journey, but with consistent commitment, and the highest intentions, you will be able to break out from the crust and reveal your highest fields of light body which is already within you.

Light Language will help you recall your own Light forms, and return you to the luminous Light being that you are, vibrating at a high level of sustained ecstatic frequency that matches to your energetic signature, so that you may continue to be of service to others as Light bearer.

Explore our Light Language services and e-mail us at if you would like to find out more or schedule a healing session. We recommend our signature healing model, The EL.11.RA Model*

*The EL.11.RA Model is an integrated healing model comprising of energetic, frequency and resonance work. Schedule a call/ e-mail me to find out more.

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