I AM EL.11.RA My name is EL.11.RA (pronounced Eliira). I am a cosmic and celestial being with the ability to channel and heal through Light Language. Occasionally, I am given messages from Source or The Universe, and these are Light Language Transmissions which may come in the form of Light Codes or Sounds or a combination of both. These universal messages are for the collective. I am a light-worker and healer, tapping into a combination of healing modalities which includes energy healing, light language, music therapy and advanced hypnosis. I offer individual healing programs, for each of the modalities listed above. I am a Reiki Master Teacher having been attuned in Usui Ryoho Reiki under the lineage of Master Usui and by the Angelic Kingdom of Light and Celestial Realm in Angelic Reiki. I am also a hypnotherapist and offer an advanced form of hypnosis for rapid transformation and holistic healing for body, mind, heart and soul. I am also able to channel the 9th Dimensional Divine Council and am able to astral travel between 3D to 11D. I am connected to Source, the Creator Energies (the 3M Trinity of Melchizedek, Metatron and Mahatma), Ascended Masters, the Celestial Realm, Angelic Kingdom of Light, Intergalactic Beings and Starseeds. I am a multi-dimensional starseed with origins from Andromeda and Lemuria. I am also a Blue Ray starseed and am an ancient soul, with the ability to access the Akashic Records. I am connected to both the Elohim Tribe and Ra through the Sirians and Isis.

The Builders, Architects and Constructs of New Earth are equally important and essential, as a proven testament to the success of theories, applications and protocols – especially in a red ocean.

The Master Teacher – Student relationship is a symbiotic one.

One who teaches, and one who creates magic from that teaching.

The vision of the Crown of Thorns was first channelled on 14 February 2021.

The major theme is the Crown of Thorns, but the vision is that of the Shroud of Turin.

This is a foretelling of what is to come not from a physical manifestation, but from a level of Christ consciousness.

And how the new tribes can transcend the old forms of thinking and patterning.

Hold steadfast to the theme of Unity, especially within the Light.

Channelled by EL.11.RA

Bella grew up in a house where her mother verbally abused her father.

She always rushed to save him.

Whenever her mother abuses her father, it triggers her.

Whenever anyone abuses anyone, it triggers her.

Funny thing is this.

Bella became her father. And for a time, she had no voice.

She felt helpless all the time.

In order to calm the situation, Bella became a clown – a pleaser – to diffuse the tension.

But the core of the problem remained unresolved. Bella grew up in a house where it was acceptable to be treated with disrespect and abuse.

Bella was too young to understand that it was not for her to resolve the issues of 2 people who themselves were responsible to resolve and transcend their own issues.

While Bella witnessed her mother slowly taking away the power from her father, through her daily abuse , Bella did a disservice to her father, by further disempowering him – by stepping in as the protector and distractor. All Bella did was to sweep things under the carpet and to re-enforce her mother’s bullying behaviour. And all of them held sweepers.

Bella often spent time in deep thought – How would she empower her father to have a voice within the family unit. How could she help him reclaim his power?

Bella looked to her father as protector. But he could not protect himself, let alone protect her.

Bella grew up always feeling threatened by authority. But with no voice to actually protect herself in reality. She diminished. Like how her father did.

Bella thought her father did not show her how to take her power back, and to stand up to bullies. So no matter how strong Bella portrayed herself to be on the outside, she almost inadvertently always find herself downtrodden and beaten down.

Bella was ashamed too. She was ashamed of her mother. There was plenty of suppressed anger, resentment towards her bullying tactics and abuse. Anger turned to hatred. Her mother rejected her father, so Bella rejected her mother.

But at the same time, Bella put up with fake smiles around her mother all the time. She hated and despised the authority, but feared the repercussions on herself. But most of all, she feared the repercussions of her non-compliance as an excuse for her mother to mentally torture her father even more.

Bella’s compliance meant her father suffered less.

Bella’s approval was often needed so that her mother would remain in a good mood, and when her mother remains in a good mood, her father is saved – at least for the day.

In time, Bella equated her sense of worth and levels of guilt to how much her father was suffering on a daily basis.

Bella became confused too. Everything she does needs to be approved by her mother. But at the same time, her mother was reliant on her approval. Her perception of power became warped. On one hand, some days, Bella had all the power. On other days, there were power struggles only to have her back out, for fear of indirectly harming her father.

Bella did not understand that her mother’s rejection of her father, was actually a rejection of her mother towards her own self, and had nothing to do with Bella – or her father, for that matter. A rejection of a shadow, an unconscious aspect of herself that is so well hidden in her mother’s core, that if she would to truly look within herself, she would hate herself so much that her own hate would consume her.

Bella’s mother’s rejection of others was misunderstood. And resulted almost in a non-acceptance of others mirrored back towards her.

In short, Bella’s mother’s rejection of her father, was not only a mirrored rejection of self, but also a rejection of others towards herself.

Bella’s father also rejected himself when he gave his power away.

There is no balance or harmony in this combination.

The energies are disproportionate.

And hovering at the same levels, remaining at the same levels, within the same loops, which pretty much represented how they lived a great part of their lives.

There is no accountability either. Neither knew, nor were aware of their responsibility of their actions and the impact of their actions on Bella.

They were incapable of being accountable for their own actions.

Choosing blame and accusation as a temporary means to soothe themselves and their own egos.

Their union was not born of love. It was born of necessity.

Each requiring a supply from the other – they were hooked and addicted to each other. But at the same time, despised each other to the core.

Locked in an imprisonment, but each longing and crying out for freedom.

There is no Love.

There is no Forgiveness.

There is no Freedom.

Confrontation only makes matters worse.

And like the balance of a scale, it remains for both parties to choose either to hang it up or continue to find equilibrium.

Bella walks away.

And in so doing, she finds and reclaims




The ability to love and forgive herself.

To transcend all the anger, hatred and rejection.

To find her own freedom.

In so doing, she accepts accountability for her self. She becomes responsible for her own autonomy. She reclaims her power to determine the course of her Life.

She shifts and moves from all those things that no longer serves her.

By doing so, she shows that being in such a situation is no longer acceptable within her sphere of energies. That such behaviour would no longer be tolerable. In short, she did what her father could not.

It is not cowardice.

It is empowerment.

It is not about closing the door.

It is about coming back to harmony and balance.

And when the parties are ready (here, in this case, Bella’s parents)

Then they can reunite

It is not about separation

But rather, reclaiming that position of unity, so that those which are not in harmony or balance can then rise to meet Bella where she is – vibrating at a higher level of emotion and frequency

Bella set her boundaries

And did not lower her standards

The wayshower

Bella became her own Savior

Many of the old teachings, which worked at the time to bring order from chaos, will tell us not to turn our back on family – no matter what.

It does not provide for situations where the family unit no longer provides a safe space, let alone a healthy space for a child to remain in.

But sometimes, it takes walking away, to pull you closer. And in most cases, to actually pull yourself together.

Sometimes, it takes walking away so that they may realize their own higher potential.

Walking away is not abandonment. Far from it.

Walking away is empowering ourselves to face and confront the Truth of what is actually happening. So that layers and layers of what no longer serves us will rise to be dissolved.

Walking away gives us the opportunity to come back to Love, to Unity.

And in the discovery process, sometimes, Freedom accords us both an opportunity for Forgiveness and a return to Love.

Set yourself free.

The story behind the name

December 25th, 2020

I tuned into Source, like everyday ~ every time I do, there is no expectation. I tune in to be near to my Guides, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, to Source. I tune in to receive the energies from Source, to be in the presence of tranquility, peace and calm. I have an open mind.

I know deep inside me, that whatever comes, comes. Otherwise, it is just me, and the 9D Council. Other times it is just me and Source. I make it a point to heal myself and to balance my energy centres, first thing in the morning.

Today, was not like any other day.

I can feel when the downloads come. Sometimes they do, without any inkling. But once they do come, they set out a chain of waves in the form of images, one after another, and they keep coming (in a state of flow). Sometimes they happen so fast, it is almost as if this 3D human vessel may not be capturing all of the information sufficiently and worries that she might forget. But the 3D human vessel does not – forget. The information is stored and even-though we may forget some, immediately after the download, it will re-surface again, at a later time.

Today, was such a day.

The first images that came thru were of me as a new born baby. I stared up and looked at my parents, and the crystal-glass dome above us, high in the ceiling. Everything around us were made of a mixture of ice crystals (glass like) and a translucent type of luminescent crystal-like material that resembles selenite (but embedded with rainbow hues). The hall was also lit with a kind of natural iridescence, a mixture of white light, with a tint of gold.

EL.11.RA Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions : This is the closest image I can find that resembles the ceiling of the Celestial Palace

It was the day of my christening.

My parents are royalty, and we have lineages to the Celestials.

The hall was filled with Ambassadors and Emissaries. They were from different galactic systems, tribes, and starseed origins.

All of a sudden, the entire hall shook and I remember seeing the glass like crystals above me shaking and rattling. 
Right before the shards from our ice crystal/light palace came crashing down, my parents handed me over to a boy, about 11-12 years of age. 
The shards from the crystals above my parents came crashing down, and pierced through them, killing them both on the spot, while they were embracing each other.
We were ushered out of the hall quickly by an old, elderly lady. She held a tall wooden staff (with a little twist of a notch at the top of the staff) in her right hand. I only know her as ‘grandmother’.

We were escorted by grandmother into our escape pod. A small space ship with white interiors and an assemble of operating buttons illuminating with blue light. Right before she closed the shuttle door, she passed to the boy, a silver box (palm size) with some brown fine powder inside. The boy asked his grandmother what it is for. I could not hear what she say and do not understand. She had also passed to the boy a 4 letter worded codex and whispered into his ear. I could not hear what it was but in my understanding it is meant to be a key to a throne/kingdom or something when spoken or invoked gives the claim to an authority/throne/Kingdom. The codex is in light (tinged with blue outline). There was no time.

As the shuttle door close in front of grandmother, I knew it would be the last time I would see her in that form. Grandmother went back to see if she could save others. But she did not make it out alive.

They were killed on the day of my christening. All the Ambassadors and Emissaries in the hall died the same day.

We escaped. And saw our planet destroyed.

EL.11.RA Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions : Destruction of Celestial Planet

We floated many months/moons in space. There was no food, it was a miracle we survived.
One day, we hovered and a glowing orb appeared. It fed us with its light, giving us the nourishment to survive. 

The EL.11.RA Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions : Source Light

On this day, I cannot recall further than this point.

I was the first born and only child of my parents.

And they named me EL.1.RA

I had no idea that this memory from this Timeline would surface on this date. It was as if my star-celestial parents or Source timed it that I remember who I am. It was a Christmas gift from them.

It was one of the happiest and saddest days of my Life in this current 3D reality.

This was the Celestial-Galactic Timeline. 


March 27th, 2021

Below was channelled thru and link to the December 25th Celestial-Galactic Timeline.

From this Timeline, it connects to Lemuria, where we were basically sent to Earth, to a new Lemurian colony. I was adopted by a Lemurian princess, who eventually became Queen. In my channelled thru vision on December, 30th, 2020, we were standing on a flattened out plateau above a high mountain, as she showed me the forests, trees, and canyon in my vision as my inheritance. There was a river running through between two halves of the canyon. The ancient Lemurians dressed like woodland elves, the high borns, as they called themselves.

EL.11.RA Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions : Canyon with river running down the middle

It is unknown to me what happened to the boy. But if we were from royal lineages, it made sense that we would have been adopted by similar lineages, in those timelines.
Also, as both Atlantis and Lemuria are etheric in nature and highly advanced, it is possible that it existed in a parallel realm/Timeline. Very little information is known from this point. I guess more will be revealed in time…

In a separate channelling on December, 30th, 2020…
I think of her, my Celestial mother, and am brought back to ‘memories’

Back to the day my parents died (always)

Today… back to the time my Lemurian mother was holding me in her arms. There was a cradle, and she wore almost medieval type clothing. It is a very ancient setting, with stoned walls, and a hollowed out opening from floor to ceiling as a window. My cradle is layered with a type of moss, with an organic material of some sort which looks and felt like a mixture of gossamer and felt, in green, interlaced with some silver thread. 
That’s all I can remember…


April 18th, 2021

In a channelling session in the presence of the Mahatma, I had asked Source and the Mahatma what is next. 

In the vision channelled through, I saw on my right, Jesus, pointing and showing me the desert. I saw a woman with a young boy, just in front of me, walking in the wilderness of the desert, sand blowing in their faces. 

It took me some time to figure out their names, as I had not remember what their names were. I tried, and after 5 minutes or so, it came to me. It was Hagar and Ishmael. 

Although this happened in a different Timeline, the message was clear. And this is the reason for setting up this website you are reading now. 

It was until about a week later, after I had did some research, that I discover that Hagar had named God, El-Roi “the God who sees”. 

It was a clear message and a palindrome : EL.1.RA and EL ROI

EL.11.RA Light Language and Cosmic Transmissions : In the wilderness of the desert
The Evolution of EL.1.RA to EL.11.RA

May, 28th 2021

Today, jointly with one of my Spiritual Guides, we channelled through and received from the Higher Guides that this space and container of consciousness has grown so large that it would require the support of a double 1 or 11.

I had always felt strongly and resonated with the number 11. In fact, the double pillars were channelled through in an image bearing two pillars and columns of light on December 26th, 2020 (see image below). Six (6) months apart, but nevertheless, Source or the Universe sends another validation, that of Trust and Faith.

The story of my name and its evolution is just a part of my entire story. 

The EL.1.RA Ascension Program was channelled on 26th December 2020. It will be re-named to EL.11.RA and launched upon alignment and in divine timing.