Angelic Numbers

Woke up and decided to do this today ~ there isn’t always a reason, and I don’t always know why, but I know I am meant to share the message ~ Blessed Be 💖✨🕊️

Keep The Vision, Strongly and Clearly

I do not want to attach a meaning to this, as the receiver interprets based on their own higher guidance.

If this message reaches you, then it is meant for you.

555 has its own significance and guidance for myself and I am guided accordingly.

Angelic codes appeared to me since I was a child. It started with 2222 and progressed to 1111 in my late teens. They have been with me my entire life.

They have been appearing frequently recently, taking into consideration, we are only mid June 2021 and there had already been 48 instances.

Whether they are angel codes, cosmic messages, or subconscious manifestation, such codes have been part of my life since I could remember.

There is sufficient synchronicities in my life, by now, to conclude that we are not alone in this universe.

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